Is a survey company

We have developed our work in the Marine and Cargo Industry as well as related infrastructure, both locally in Spain and abroad following the Spanish fishing fleet and goods transport in import/export scheme handles cases in the most important Ports of Europe, Africa, America, ASia and Oceania

During this period we have taken part in different events on behalf of different Insurance Companies, P&Is, Shipowners and Charterers interacting with Brokers, Fleet Operators, etc.


The valuable experience collected during our inspection, together with the knowledge of the sector and the personal experience of our staff, allow us to offer high skilled interventions, focusing on the relevant points and weighing accurately the impact of each one of them in the final outcome.

How we work?

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24/7 available

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Integral handling of cases

  • Loss prevention
  • Investigatios of cause
  • Damage extent determination
  • Mitigation measures laying out
  • Assessment of economic impact

Company commitments

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in our relations with our costumers
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of all particulars that play a relevant role in the event
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of focal points and key facts
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in our assessments and conclusions
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in all aspects of our job

Multidisciplinary team

Figal Innova team members are certified/licensed in the following profesional fileds:

  • Naval Engineer
  • Marine Engineer
  • Chief Engineer
  • Nautical Science
  • Civil Engineer (Msc)
  • Chemical Engineer (Msc)